Ordering app for nightclubs, bars and pubs that
eliminates queues and makes ordering fast, simple and hassle free 

No Queues

Make an order without having to stand in the queue for 20-30 minutes. Just sit and enjoy the quality time with your friends.

Table Delivery

Get your order delivered to your table. If you don't have a table - no worries! Get notified once your order is ready and get it from the counter.


Would like to hit another club but don’t know where to go? Get information about all nightclubs/bars and it’s performers – maybe there’s an impromptu Tiesto or Martin Garrix performance somewhere nearby.

BaBash - Most Comprehensive Ordering App!

BaBash is the worlds most comprehensive ordering app for nightclubs, pubs and bars – no queues, no hassle, orders delivered to your table and much more.

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Want to work together?

BaBash helps your club, bar or pub get more customers and increase your sales.


“BaBash created extra cash register that generated €1000+ in revenue in just one night” 

Virgo Kaaret, owner of Madhouse Nightclub


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