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Imagine being with your friends on a Friday night. You’re having a good time and decide to take the party outside – you want to relax and leave your work or studies behind.

You decide to go to a nightclub and it feels amazing. People are dancing, chatting and having a good time. You find a table perfect for you and your friends. In order to enjoy your weekend even more, you decide to get the next round. You are excited, but as you approach the counter, your excitement slowly decreases. The queue behind the bar is stretching all the way to the dance floor. You’re bummed. You see your friends sitting behind the table, chatting and having a good time. You on the other hand are standing in the queue and waiting in line. Sounds familiar?

BaBash has found a solution!

No Queues

Order your beverage without having to stand in the queue for 20-30 minutes. Just sit and enjoy the quality time with your friends while your order is delivered to your table.


No need to worry about the extra weight of pennies in your pocket or the lost money in the club – everything is done via app. Your receipt will be sent to your email.

Delivery to the Table or the Counter

Get your order delivered to the table. If you don’t have a table, order your beverage to the counter. Get notified when your order is ready and go pick it up.

Entry Ticket

It’s winter and you’re freezing, or summer and you’re melting in the queue to the Nightclub? – Get in like a VIP by using BaBash.


Would like to hit another club but don’t know where to go? Get information about all nightclubs and it’s performers – maybe there’s an impromptu Tiesto or Martin Garrix performance somewhere nearby.

Spending Limit

Afraid that your clubbing tour will end up as the last time – spending waaay to much? We got you covered – set a spending limit and we’ll notify you once you’re getting closer.

and much more to come…